Summer Update!

5 Aug

Hey Students!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer, whether you are staying in Lethbridge, went home, or are traveling. We’re still around at the Students’ Association and have been keeping busy getting ready for our new and returning students in the not-so-distant future. Because of the critical role the Alberta government plays in post-secondary education, we have spent time this summer working with the Alberta Student Executive Council (ASEC). ASEC consists of 15 colleges, universities, and technical institutes  and represents over 175,000 students. We have been meeting with each other and the government to represent the collective needs of Alberta’s students which include:

  • Transferability and collaborative programs
  • Funding students to completion
  • International student issues
  • Open access to scholarly materials
  • Mental health issues among students
  • Student residences
  • Funding for the arts
  • Apprenticeship reform

We have started looking into our bylaws in order to make them more efficient and are still taking care of the day to day running of the LCSA. Exciting new changes this year include our new Locker Rental Program. Lockers will be available August 20 and cost $10 for the school year plus a $10 returnable deposit for the lock.
We have also been busy planning the years events. We have a great lineup for the year including Frosh, Band Wars, Zombie Tag, Speed Dating, an International Week, and Last Class Bash.

Your VP Student Life, Devon Hargreaves has been hard at work alongside Events and Communications Coordinator, Aaron Chubb to plan a wonderful lineup for FROSH 2012. So stay tuned and come to school ready to PARTY!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and come say hi when you get here!
Dillon Hargreaves


Sarah Plumer, You’ll Be Missed

24 Feb

Reading week is supposed to be a time to relax and have fun, for some of us here at Lethbridge College, it has been anything but that. Many of us were shocked to learn of the death of a fellow student, Sarah Plumer.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be alone. Be open with your feelings, talk to your friends, and don’t try to handle it alone. If you are having a tough time you can visit Counseling Services, located just off of the library commons. They offer free, professional, individual counseling to any student of Lethbridge College. We all need help.

If you need help don’t hesitate to phone one of the following numbers.

  • Lethbridge College Counselling Services 403-320-3351
  • Crisis Intervention Program 403-381-1116
  • Distress Line 403-327-7905

Our deepest condolences go out to those who knew and loved Sarah at this hard time.

Operation Beautiful

7 Feb

Hey Students!

We often tend to closely connect self worth and social security with the way we l0ok. And because of stereotypical views regarding what’s attractive, we often go to great lengths to change ourselves to meet others’ ideals. This can often be dangerous. We each have a unique body with a genetic tendency towards a particular ratio of weight, size, and shape.

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Lethbridge College Counselling Services is helping you celebrate your natural size with various displays and activities. Join Operation Beautiful Today through Thursday in Centre Core from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and celebrate your natural size.

Your beautiful… just the way you are!

Dillon Hargreaves

Student Representative

Get Involved!!

1 Feb

Hey fellow students!

College is all about learning, and there are many ways to learn. Personally, my favorite has to be through experience. I love it because I get the chance to learn in real situations rather than artificially fabricated scenarios. This is one of the main reasons I decided to get involved with the Students’ Association when I ran for the Student Representative position last September.

If you also like to learn through experience, I would really encourage you to get involved with the Lethbridge College Students’ Association by running for one of our three Executive positions. You can pick up your nomination forms starting February 6 until February 17 at the LCSA office (CE 1350).

It’s a great chance to learn and grow. You get to meet other students, practice public speaking during the campaign speeches, and gain practical work experience. Plus it will look great on your resume. So get involved and get a chance at representing your student body!

See ya around!

Dillon Hargreaves,

Student Representative

How to Fail College

23 Jan

We all want to do good in college, get good grades, and set our lives up for success. Well most of us anyways. And just in case you don’t, I have come up with a step-by-step action plan that will help you succeed in failing at college. It goes like this:

Step One: When Considering a college education, CHOOSE A CAREER YOU REALLY HATE! This is the most important step because if you are doing something you love with a passion, it will be very difficult to adhere to the following steps. Try to do some sort of a college and career test (you know the kind that tries to match an occupation with your personality and preferences) and do the opposite of what it suggests. Can you think of one job you would absolutely hate to spend the rest of your life doing? Go for it!

Step Two: Once the semester begins, start to PARTY ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT! Recognize your lack of need for sleep. You know that you study better when you’re tired, so please, please, PLEASE don’t go to bed at a decent time. Stay up late since you know it will make it easier to get up in the morning.

Step Three: Since you are doing everything in your power to fail college, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 8 A.M. CLASSES EVERY DAY! If you don’t, please change that before the add/drop date. You want to ensure that you can easily miss class when you are passed out, or stumbling around with a bad hangover.

Step Four: When you finally make it to your 2 p.m. class, FALL ASLEEP IN CLASS! This way you don’t have to hear your instructor drone on about something related to your despised career choice. It is also the best way to make sure you’re NOT ready for that upcoming test.

Step Five: Always remember to DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON FACEBOOK! Why pour over a book when you could spend your time posting random videos online for all your friends to see. Who needs to study anyway?

Step Six: And finally, MISS THE TEST! For some unexplainable, non-excusable reason, simply don’t show up. You don’t want good grades do you?

Well I have no problem with having a good time, occasional 8 a.m. classes, or Facebook, it’s important to do all things in moderation. Do the right thing at the right time at the right place. Then you can effectively balance a great time with good grades, and eventually a successful career.

Have a great semester, do your best, and have fun!

The Gift of Life

19 Dec

On Thursday a horrible tragedy shook the small town of Claresholm and impacted us here at Lethbridge College. Two of the deceased and the lone survivor were students just like us. While I did not know them personally, it sobers me to think that this could have happened to any of my friends… or me.

As we approach this Christmas season, many of us will be spending it with family and friends. We will be giving gifts and enjoying each other and great food. But there are some families for whom this holiday will be a time of pain and sadness. What can we do to remember those who are no longer with us? One thing we can each do personally is to realize that we have each been given a great gift. Much greater than any Christmas present we have ever received, this gift is the life we have.

If you are reading this you are alive. Even if you think your life is a disaster and that it’s falling apart, you are alive, and that is worth celebrating. So this holiday season have fun, celebrate, and enjoy life. But be careful, play safe, and take a minute to think about the awesome gift of life you possess.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Dillon Hargreaves

What Students are Saying….

6 Dec

I have been getting lots of beefs! The top being the Food Service. Just a tip about rewards for the food, Did you know that if you have a gift card and use it to purchase food you save 5%?? It is not a lot but it adds up, think of it as no tax is added! I know your asking “I have to go get a gift card??” Answer is yes but think of it this way if you budget an amount you use for the month put it on a gift card then you only use it to buy food at the cafeteria. With that your saving the 5% and managing your money better!

Keep those Beefs comming!
Stayed tuned for more from your Advocacy Rep!